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Hellenic Protein SA group was established in 1995 aiming at the creation of high quality Greek milk protein products as well as cheeses of Protected Denomination of Origin (P.D.O.), capable of dealing with harsh and continuous international competition.

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This effort had two basic targets. To create modern production plants of high technology in the area of food ingredients and also – through the cheese production plant – to create a unique research and development center for new products.

The group developed in a short period of time and had within six years completed the construction of 4 factories, of 30 million EURO total investment. The realization of these goals was achieved by utilizing 1,000 tones whey per day for the production of protein products of high biological and added value.

The plants of the group are geographically distributed, in order to cover all the needs of whey process in Greece. Epirus Protein SA is located in Ioannina, Central Greece Protein and AGRAFA in Karditsa, Makedonia Protein in Kilkis and Achaian Protein in Kalavrita.

Another affiliate of the group is Protein Engineering SA (former Niro Hellas Abete). Protein Engineering SA is a company with great experience in the supply of equipment and know-how in the area of dairy products. Protein Engineering SA is also minority shareholder in the protein factories.

Hellenic Protein not only provides a solution to the cheese dairies of Greece to a major environmental problem, but at the same time has become a major player in the food ingredients sector.

Hellenic Protein

Hellenic Protein Group

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  • Mission

    —Protect the environment by utilizing a by product & turn it into value added product for human consumption

  • Mission

    —Support Greek farmers by exporting Greek dairy products to USA and other markets through a strong national brand
    “Real Greek”

  • Strategy

    —Export 80% of production

  • Strategy

    —Invest in production of high added value products such as : infant formulas, creamers, WPC for food supplements


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