Maltofat 25


Glucose, vegetable fat, sodium caseinate, emulsifier, stabilizer and anti-caking agent.


Maltofat 25 can be used in a range of applications including hot beverages (coffee, tea, chocolate), soups and desserts.

Typical Analysis

Chemical composition
Protein (Ν x 6.38) DMM%2,0
Vegetable fat%35,0
Physical properties
pH (10% solution)7,5
Bulk densityg/L500
Scorched particles (ADMI)discA/B
Microbiological specifications
Total Plate Countcfu/gmax 20.000
E colicfu/g< 10
Yeasts & Mouldscfu/g< 10
CP Staphylococcicfu/gNegative
L. Monocytogenescfu/25gNegative


Maltofat 25 is packed in a multi-ply paper bag with inner polyethylene liner, net capacity 25 Kg.
Delivery pallets (110 x 120 cm), total weight 1.000 Kg

Storage conditions

Maltofat 25 must be stored in closed bags in a cool and dry place (20°C, 60% RH) away from any source of contamining odours. Must not be exposed to sunlight and avoid direct contact with walls and floor.

Shelf life

Minimum two years if kept under the above storage conditions.

Important notice

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