Spray dried Whole Goat milk powder.

Typical Analysis

Chemical composition
Protein (Ν x 6.38) DM%26,0
Moisture%max 3,0
Physical properties
pH (10% solution)6,5
Titratable acidity (as lactic acid)%max 0,15
Solubility indexmlmax 1,0
Scorched particles (ADMI)discA/B
Bulk densityg/L400
Tapped(x100)bulk densityg/L530
Cows milk contaminationNegative
Microbiological specifications
Total Plate Countcfu/gmax 10.000
Coliformscfu/g< 10
E.colicfu/g< 10
Staphylococcus aureuscfu/g< 10
Yeasts & Mouldscfu/g< 50
Lysteria Monocytogenescfu/25gNegative


Whole Goat Milk Powder is packed in a multi-ply paper bag with inner polyethylene liner, net capacity 20 Kg.
Delivery pallets (110 x 120 cm), total weight 1.000 Kg

Storage conditions

Whole Goat Milk Powder must be stored in closed bags in a cool and dry place (20°C, 60% RH) away from any source of contamining odours. Must not be exposed to sunlight and avoid direct contact with walls and floor.

Shelf life

Minimum one years if kept under the above storage conditions.
Goat Milk Powder